To Kamilla Trever, Yerevan, 27th of Oktober, 1953

Dear Kamilla Vasilievna,
I received a wonderful book ‘Essays on the history of Ancient Armenian Culture’ sent by you. Thank you ever so much. Some five days ago I went to paint Ararat from Dvin. The day was gorgeous, sunny and clear after the recently fallen heavy rains.
This town’s builders were real poets to choose this hill on the plain surrounded by the ring of multi-shaped, motley ranges and mountains crowned by Ararat. This wonderful mountain ring, the marvelous nature’s creation was particularly fascinating that day. In the south it was set in the most precious stone – Sis Masis (so Armenian people call majestic Ararat) glittering in the autumn sun.
I was overwhelmed by the fabulous beauty of nature. It happens very seldom, for the first time in my life I have joined such beauty of Earth, it was hard to tear away from it. Having awakened as if after sweet sleep, seeing the most interesting ruins of Dvin, recollecting the numerous monuments of Armenia as a rule always situated in poetic places and organically harmonized with nature, I remembered my nice friends – You and Joseph Abgarovitch…