Palace of Soviets, Yerevan, April 9, 1947

Here is the description of my sketch: in the centre of the design - I.V.Stalin (Stalin’s friendship of peoples). Stalin ‘s image is in the centre, at the bottom. His image has to be endowed with endless love and kindness to the mankind. Children, young girls and boys from 16 republics with flowers are rushing to him; they are surrounded by 16 mothers and 16 men, each of them has a flag in their hands. As you might know, on the orders of the USSR Supreme Soviet every republic should possess its own national flag. Further, on both sides, two mighty oaks symbolizing the idea of the strength of the friendship of peoples are sprouting. In the centre of the sketch – clouds lavishly pouring the fields with rain, and on the same spot – a double rainbow: symbol of peace and tranquility. The blue sky, Earth, lighted up with the sun as if seen from the airplane, where from distant spots our nature- woods, rivers, towns and etc. will rose before our eyes. On both sides, in the form of ornament, fruit, grain, vegetables, cotton, etc. will be executed as a wide band. On either side, from the top, a simple golden line will pass, ornamented with oak’s leaves and oak’s berries. From both sides near the oak I’d like to paint one or two armed workers and peasants, though I am not sure in the need of executing them on the tapestry.