To Sergey Arutiunov, Yerevan, 29th of August, 1946

Dear Sergey Grigorievitch,
So, after you have left Barvikha everything went in the old way, only with the difference that one men replaced the others. Soon after your departure Koshtoyants has left. I often met with Sergey Stepanovitch before leaving from there. Only once we paid a visit to Anastas Ivanovitch, though certainly I told him nothing as to the cars; on this matter I wrote to L.P.Beria following your advice, but since that there was no reply. I do not know what the reason is. While notifying you I believe you'll find a way to ask when it is proper how the matters stand, or even you may help yourself in solving this matter.
I returned from Barvikha on the 22nd, and left for Yerevan on the 27th. My electorate turns to me on various matters because I am a deputy and try to do my best to help them. The matter of the car for the protection of Armenian monuments is extremely vital. I do not know what to do, sometimes it's difficult to persuade people in the simplest matters. Armenia possessed great classic culture; in this respect it takes the first place in the Soviet Union, nobody can match it. On a world-wide scale it can rank with Rome and Greece; there are a great many ruins of monuments on a small plot of land of Soviet Armenia, which is in fact only one tenth of Armenia - and there are over 3 thousand architectural monuments.
You are a businessman; it might bore you to read my lines as to the great past of our nation, the past that we started to explore and even not so wellonly after the Great Revolution.