The concept of the M.Sarian House-Museum’s permanent exposition is based on the idea of the survey of Master’s entire creative path. The exposition starts from the 2 floor and ends on the ground floor.
On each floor the visitors can look through the texts representing certain period. Moreover, there is a sensor unit in the museum by the use of which one can familiarize himself with M.Sarian’s works that are on hand in House-Museum’s collection or in other museums and also in the private collections.
In the House-Museum the temporary subject exhibitions, evenings, expositions, lectures, concerts are being arranged as well.
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    Third floor  
  Early period: student days (1896-1902), "Fairy Tales and Dreams" cycle (watercolor - 1903-1907, tempera - 1907-1908), paintings of the Eastern period (1910-1913), still-lifes, portraits (1915-1917).
    Second floor  
  landscapes created in Armenia (1922-1958), still-lifes, portraits (1928-1963), the Paris period (1926-1928), the WW II period paintings (1941- 1945), last compositions (1969).
    The Artist’s studio  
  Here one can see the main genres of the Master’s creativity: portraits, still lifes, landscapes (1922-1963), which are exhibited in so-called “carpet hanging” manner, typical for the private galleries at the beginning of the 20th century. A documentary titled "Martiros Sarian" (1965) is also shown in the studio. The artist’s final work "Fairy Tale" (1965) painted in oils and left on the easel, his brushes, paints and palettes are of special interest.
    First floor  
  Graphic arts works: drawings and sketches (1901-1969), portraits (1942-1969), book illustrations (1929-1934), sketches of stage sets and costumes (1938,1939), drawings of the last two years (1971-1972).


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