The history of world literature and art starts since 1921 when Sayat-Nova’s original song book entitled ‘Davtar’ was given to Armenia through the poet Ovhannes Toumanian. The‘Davtar’ became the first exhibit for the foundation of the museum’s richest funds. The museum activity began in 1922 under the guidance of the historian Ervand Shakhaziz, who brought to Yerevan from Nor Nakhichevan archives, documents, ancient books and other materials dealing with history, literature and art of Armenian colony.
In the consequent years the museum funds were replenished for the account of many various materials concerning the creative work of Armenian writers – authors, literary-cultural workers and organizations.
In October 1954 the Literature and Art Museum was founded by means of the unification of the Museum of Literature and Theatre’s funds plus Romanos Melikian musical centre.
From 1967 the museum bears the name of the poet Egishe Charents.
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M.Sarian’s collection of works in this museum consists mainly of the portraits of writers, drama theatre actors and noted musicians, which are kept in the appropriate funds.
Of special significance is the portrait of Egishe Charents that was doomed to be burnt in 1937 together with the portraits of other social and political figures declared as public enemies. Nevertheless, Charents’ portrait remained intact owing to the devoted museum workers - literary critic and art historian Nshan Muradian and the research worker Parkevui Simonian. They hid the work behind the cupboard, where it lay for twenty years. Later when it became possible to announce about it, the excited Sarian wished to present the picture to Nshan Muradian as a reward but the latter refused and remained the portrait in the museum fund.

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