Opening of Martiros Sarian House-Museum after long reconstruction took place

Opening of Martiros Sarian House-Museum after long reconstruction took place.
/ “Photolure” News Agency/
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Martiros Sarian House Museum                                                                                                                                   
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Martiros Sarian House-Museum
"The Earth is like a living being, it has its own soul; without the native soil and close contact with the Mother Country one cannot identify oneself, ones own soul"
Martiros Sarian
These words of Martiros Sarian are substantiated in his unconventional art.
/Armenian Travel Bureau/
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Monument to Martiros Sarian
Sarian was one of the plead of major cultural figures of Armenia at the turn of the century. His work, in common with the library contributions of O. Tumanian and A. Isaakian, those of T. Toramanian and A. Tamanian in architecture, and of Komitas in national music, set the standard of national art, and laid the foundations for its flowering in the Soviet period.
/Armenian Travel Bureau/
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Martiros Sarian Statue
"Nature's ways are wonderful and unfathomable. The grain swells in the soil, the sprout grows and flowers when the time comes and then it bears new fruit and so does not die. We are like grain. We never die because we are One with Nature.
/Armenian Monuments Awareness Project/
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Martiros Sarian Museum
Martiros Sarian was born in 1888. He attended Moscow School of Arts and had Valentin Serov as his teacher. Sarian was a great lover of Armenia and of its people.
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A piece from the documentary "Martiros Sarian". The film was shot by "Armenfilm" studio in 1965. The director – Laert Vagarshian, script writer – Ilya Ehrenburg, composer – Lazar Sarian.


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