National Gallery of Armenia is one of the largest galleries among CIS countries. It was created in 1921. Initially it was only one of the 5 departments of the State Museum, namely – the Art museum. Martiros Sarian who had already had experience as to museums’ creation was appointed its director. Moreover, the painter was one of the donators-beneficiaries in the course of the first decades of the museum’s activity. At that time the State museum was situated in Astafian (Abovian) street, in 2- storey building meant for the man’s gymnasium. After that a substantial collection of the works kept in Soviet Armenia House of Culture was obtained from Moscow (Lazarian Institute). In 1925 the art historian Ruben Drampian was invited from Leningrad. Due to the latter’s efforts, in the course of nearly a quarter of his activity the gallery had acquired its present image. In 1935 the art division became the Art Museum, in 1947 it was renamed into the State Gallery and in 1991 into Armenia National Gallery. Nowadays the gallery collection includes over 25 000 works of Armenian, Russian and European masters.
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The total number of M.Sarian’s works kept in the Armenia National Gallery makes up 204 units, out of which 122 – pictorial and 82 – graphic ones.
Lots of works have been acquired from the artist himself and also from private collectors.
In addition the collection was replenished via Armenia Ministry of Culture and Armenia House of Culture in Moscow.
Amidst pictorial works of the early 1900s there are such rare temperas of the “Blue Rose” period as the 1907 "Panthers" and "Under the Trees" and in addition several masterpieces of 1900s  such as ‘Persian Girl’ (1910), "Egyptian Masks" (1913), "Woman in a Mask" – S.I.Dymshits’(1916) and others.
The collection is rich also with the 1930-1940 portraits of such as A.Tamanian, A.Issahakian, I.Orbeli, marshal I.Bagramian, admiral I.Isakov and others.
Among graphic works a special place belongs to the illustrations of Armenian folk tales and the sketches of the costumes and stage sets for the opera "Almast" by A.Spendiarov.

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