Kiev national museum of Russian art was opened in 1922 and at first it was called Kiev Picture Gallery. The initial collection was rich in icons and the works of the masters of the XIX and early XX centuries.
Nonetheless, the Great Patriotic War caused a considerable damage to the museum. The main portion of the museum collection was evacuated to Ufa, the rest of the collection suffered a sad fate. Many works were taken out by the occupiers off the Ukraine. The purposeful purchases from the exhibitions, from the artists’ families, individual collectors and owners of paintings were done. As a result the museum was replenished with the pictures of A.Savrasov, N.Kramskoi, P.Konchalowski, V.Serov, Z.Serebryakova, N.Rerikh, M.Sarian, A.Plastov and others. In 1986 a doctor from Kiev – D.L.Sigalov bequeathed to the museum about 300 pictorial and graphic works of the Russian painters of the late XIX and the early XX century. The exposition was enriched with the first-class works by K.Somov, B.Kustodiev, Z.Serebryakova,M.Sarian. P.Kuznetsov, C.Sudeikin, N.Sapunov et al.

The largest collection of M.Sarian’s works is kept in the Kiev Museum of Russian Art. There are 6 pictorial and 1 drawing in the Kiev museum.
Besides Kiev museum M.Sarian’s works are also in other Ukraine art museums famous by their collections: in Lvov Picture Gallery, in the museums of Kharkov, Nikolaev and Odessa. The number of Sarian’s works is not big there – one or two pictures in each museum. But as to their quality they are vivid, distinctive works representing Sarian as one of the classic of soviet epoch multiethnic art.

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