The house-museum comprises the collection of works of art and the memorial fund. The total number of storage units makes 270 works. Their major part is exhibited on three floors of the museum and also in Master’s studio. The rest part is kept in the storage.
On the opening day of the museum in 1967 the artist donated his 30 pictorial and 20 graphic works, which became the basis of the art fund creation. Later on the fund was increased due to donations and purchases. Now the collection of works of art includes also the works of other artists and sculptors depicting Master and his house.
The memorial fund was organized in 2008. It consists of the furnishings belonging to Sarian, personal items, cultural values donated to him and also letters and photos.
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The House-Museum’s collection was replenished mainly during 1967-2008. It contains Master’s paintings and graphic works from all periods of his creativity.
Due to the fact that many of his famous works had already been kept in the state funds of Armenia and Russia, therefore private collections appeared to be an important source for the increasing the House-museum’s collection.

The works have been acquired from the private owners and the artist himself. Many works have been also donated to the museum. The collectors A.Azarian (New York), G.Basmadjian (Paris), M.Kaganovitch (Paris), the legendary G.Yanikian, the biologist M.Kireeva (Moscow), the art critic V.Matevosian (Yerevan), the noted violinist and conductor V.Spivakov (Moscow), the artist’s son L.Sarian, the former museum’s director Sh.Khatchatrian and others were among the grantors.

Nowadays the museum’ permanent exposition possesses over 300 works of the artist starting from the first drawings executed by M.Sarian at the age of 16 and ending with the works created during his last years. The exposition is supplemented with the works from the artist’s family collection transferred for temporary holding.

From 2009 the memorial fund was also created. It includes the furnishings from the artist’s home, archaeological excavations’ items presented to the artist, as well as photos, representing his pictorial, graphic works and also sculptures.

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