State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow (Museum of Oriental Art, The State Museum of Art of the peoples of Orient), occupying the Lunin House, was founded on 30 October 1918. The museum is one of the largest cultural-educational centers, where the art of Far and Near East is represented most fully, and also it represents the art of the Middle Asia, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, Byryatia, Chukotka and etc. (totally 147 500 museum exhibits). The Museum of Oriental Art is not only a large exhibition complex but a Scientific Research Institute as well. By the decree of the President of Russian Federation the museum is related to “the particularly valuable objects of Russia cultural heritage”. The museum fund includes various collections of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art, archaeology, thus representing over 100 countries. The exhibitions of the works of the eminent home and foreign art dealers are held regularly in the museum side by side with permanent expositions.
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M.Sarian’s collection of works in the State Museum of the East consists of 16 pictorial works. Throughout 1929-1966 these works have been acquired from the author, and also through the USSR Ministry of Culture and the Board of Art Exhibitions. The museum fund keeps the portraits of distinguished Armenians painted by Sarian – the great composer Aram Khachatrian, the directors Vartan Adjemian and Ruben Simonov, People’s Artist of RSFSR Cecilie Mansurova. The collection is also rich in Master’s famous landscapes and still lifes.

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