Sarian loved sharing his thoughts about the essence of art and the process of creative work. The artist’s thoughts expressed orally or in writing are notable for particular poetics and deep philosophical content.

In his wise reflections, Sarian refers to many issues of aesthetical perception of our time. Revealing the secrets of artistic mastery, he teaches "to look with the eyes and see with the heart".

The art has its secrets, which tend to reveal for the creative person… The artist should not just to watch the nature, the world, but he should see it. Thus the true picture is nascent.                                                                                                                                                      

To look with the eyes and see with the heart! Oftentimes you look at the brightly lit ranges of mountains and the diversity of the tints from light-blue to dark-purple amazes you. When you put all that beauty on canvas, people inquire if the violet mountains ever existed.                                                                                                                                                      

Style is the artist himself. It is a creative personality. It is undisputable. However, also it is undisputable that every artist is a part of a definite epoch. If he lags behind then oftentimes it is pointless to talk about his style.

I do not know when the artist was born in me. Probably back in the days when I listened to my parents’ tales about our mountainous, fairy homeland and took delight in the many colors of flowers, butterflies and bees. Color, light, dream became my goal.                                                                                                                                                      

Color is a real miracle. It is happiness. Is it not amazing to see nature so colorful? Less than a half a century ago artists painted mostly in grey colors, but impressionists opened the eyes of those who were resistant to color. The right correlation of color and light has an enormous meaning.

The ability to amaze is a great gift... The ability to amaze leads to the revelation of the truth. Look around; look at the wonderful world we live in. It is the beginning of everything: plants, animals, men and enables us to live, see and feel.

I like the Sun most of all. To love the Sun means to love the Universe, to love the Earth and all that exists on it. We are linked to the Sun. It has been pulling the Earth towards itself since time began. Where? We do not know. New generations come, but the Sun always stays with us. Let us be true to this order of things. Let us cherish life, light and love, and use our labor to justify the nature has put in as.

The Earth like a living being has its own soul and without one’s native land, without close touch with one’s motherland, it is impossible to find oneself, one’s soul. I am convinced that no artist has ever cut himself off from his native soil. The heart of the Earth is the heart of Man. And this heart is the source of all being.

Art is a living and eternal assertion of life and triumph of creative talent of a human being. Art is born in an inseparable relationship of a human with nature and soil. It can be old and new, depending on how much a man embodies the generalized intellectual and aesthetical experiences of humankind and on how different a man is today from what he used to be in the past.

Art is the aspiration of a man towards immortality and it is his will to live forever. There are people, however, who prefer a photograph over a portrait. There are people who more or less in touch with art but lag behind from the pace of life and are resistant to modern art. The former, unfortunately, do not comprehend that grasping any painting requires mastering the culture and harmony of vision. The latter do not perceive art in its historical motion and live without realizing their time.

In nature everything is initially animated. Everything is in the process of becoming. Even a stone is not thrown by chance. It lies as if it lives.

A human being is nature itself. Nature creates a human being to have a look at oneself with the eyes of a human being, to cognize oneself and be amazed at ones own beauty. This is the enormous happiness of a human being: the great and eternal nature and a small creature having nature’s endless grace inside.

Colors, just like people, have a unique individuality which must be respected. Colors used for a painting should be like soloists in a band and not like choristers. What sort of pleasure is it to see a faceless crowd instead of separate interesting faces? If the natural color of an object is, for instance, blue, and color correlations of the painting require it to be red (or any other color), then it is possible to transform it to red.

Having painted a still life you wish to express the idea of freedom or the denial of violence which is the same. What needs to be done? No matter how natural apples, pears, a jar, or a flower are depicted, they remain apples, pears, a jar, a flower and nothing more. Therefore, you should disengage yourself and put imaginary color, line, shape, rhythm, correlation on the canvas which will inspire people with desirable ideal and will become the fruit of soul, intellect, and the symbol of self-expression and not nature’s surrogate.

To paint a landscape, will is difficult. It is particularly difficult to convey the landscapes of Armenia because the artist sees a large panorama with a distant horizon and uncovering spaces. You need to deal with it. This piece is good, but you taste the other one and it seems better. Separate parts of landscape should be elaborated in terms of both composition and color to see a whole landscape not separate parts of it. I am not very keen on painting empty landscapes, but by adding figures of people and animals one is able to vitalize it.

Resemblance is not the main part of a portrait. I never suggest an artificial and uncomfortable pose to the model. I start talking with him and gradually reach what interests and worry him in his life. At this time he automatically strikes a pose most comfortable for him. I painted some portraits in one-two sittings. It is necessary to maintain the freshness of image perception. You have to paint in a very simple and easy manner. There is a deep content behind an exterior. Basically, it is easy to learn to paint exteriors. But it is more important to understand the core of a phenomenon, which is sometimes not as easy.

Pictures should not only be the source of arguments, but have to excite people and bring them closer to nature and sun. If a picture doesn’t excite, if it doesn’t stir up positive motives, then it lacks the most principal - the eternal breath of life.

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