Dear heart, we do love each other and we are to arrange our love on such spiritual values for it to get strong, pure and everlasting. I want to write to you about my conception of love: as we are tied by love let us talk about it all the time in order to understand each other without words. And whatever talks we would have between us, whatever would have happened in our life, love will always be like Sun, unifying our souls.
                       Your husband Martiros
         To Lussik Agayan. Moscow, 1916, January 4.

M.Sarian, Moscow 1912

Martiros Sarian’s letters are the special part of the artist’s epistolary legacy. From 2002 Ruzan Sarian – the Martiros Sarian House-Museum’s director is preparing Master’s letters for the publisation. The letters will make three volumes and become an important material for the further study of the artist’s creativity. The letters of 1908-1928, included in the first volume supplement the certain facts of the path traveled by the artist in a new way, deal with various details of his creative tasks. The letters reveal Sarian’s admirable image as a vehement patriot, enthusiast and a noble person, devoted to art.

The second volume covers letters of 1929-1953 written to the Master’s noted contemporaries – Armenian and Russian painters, scientists, public and political figures and also to his relatives. The artist’s letters show a troubled period full of contradictory problems of creative work, social and private life.


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