“I am very glad that Erivan is under construction and turns into a capital. I also dream to built a house with a studio and even a separate gallery for my works.”

Thus already in 1927 Sarian wrote about his house to the art critic Ruben Drampian.
In those years it seemed a wishful thinking, but Sarian was one of those exceptional romantics who managed to make the most daring designs a reality.

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The firs director or the museum was the artist’s son the composer Lazar Sarian
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Art critic

In 1967-2003 the museum was headed by Shahen Khachatrian, who with boundless loyalty replenished and enriched the museum fund
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Candidate of philology

Director since 2004 
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House-Museum of the great artist of the XX century – Martiros Sarian (1880-1972) was built in Yerevan by special order of Armenia government and open on Nov. 26, 1967 during Master’s lifetime.

The museum building consists of two- storey mansion where the artist lived and worked in 1932-1972 and attached to it three-storey gallery built in 1967.
The author of the house’s project was Alexander Tamanian – the eminent architect of Yerevan. The museum part was designed by Mark Grigorian.

The upper part of the building’s front facade was decorated with mosaic and inlay by the noted artist Gagik Smbatian from M.Sarian’s sketch.
The first director of the house-museum was the artist’s son – the composer Lazar Sarian who supervised the museum building’s construction. From 1967 up to 2005 the museum was headed by the art critic Shahen Khachatrian.
In 2003-2004 Lucy Mirzoyan – who for a long time was the museum’s chief curator- became a museum director.
From 2004 the museum’s director is the artist’s granddaughter – Rouzan Sarian – Candidate of Philology.

The distinctive point of the house-museum’s collection is that all the works and sketches which were in the house and the studio in recent years are gathered there. Sarian’s 50 works which he had donated to the museum became the core of the fund’s creation.

Later on the fund was increased due to donations and purchases. Nowadays the popularization of Master’s art and creation of the database about his works are the House-Museum’s main objective. The research work is conducted in the museum, the complementary chronicle of the artist’s life and creativity is being made; the memoirs, manuscripts and letters are being prepared for press, a full catalogue of his works is made. Social and educational activities for children and young people are also held in the museum, in addition to chamber music concerts.


The house-museum’s exposition represents all periods and genres of the artist’s creativity, starting from the first drawings executed at the age of 16 and ending with the works produced in his last months of life. The permanent exposition comprising over 300 works is located on the three floors of the museum in chronological order. It also includes famous works from Sarian family collection. The artist’s studio - the museum’s sacred place – is open for the visitors as well.


"I am sure that without close ties with native land there would be no art. Heartland is in the human heart. All comes from heart. My precept was love of native soil and love of people. I did not possess another faith and another love. I was full of love, genuine love, saw myself in my pictures. My home’s door always was and will be open all the time; I myself always was open, like my pictures were." - Sarian used to say.

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