“My main goal was to bring to light the distinctive place of our Master in the 20th world painting, to study his art in comparison with the art of his great contemporaries.”
              Shahen Khachatrian, art historian, RA Honored Art Worker



Art critic

In 1967-2003 the museum was headed by Shahen Khachatrian, who with boundless loyalty replenished and enriched the museum fund

In 1967 on M.Sarian’s proposal the art critic Shahen Khachatrian was appointed the museum’s director. Throughout his fruitful museum activity he proved himself as the organizer of numerous expositions and the author of many albums, books and catalogs dedicated to the art of great Armenian artists.

 Such voluminous editions as “Armenian art of 19th – 20th centuries”, “Fine arts of Armenian painters in France”, “Hovannes Aivazowski”, “Sarian”, “Minas”, “Akop Akopian”, “The color of pain” are among them.

The devoted culture worker Shahen Khachatrian has contributed substantially to the stocking and popularization of the museum funds of Armenia.

From 1972 Shahen Khachatrian happens to be the Honored art worker of RA, from 1991 to 2002 was the director of Armenia Picture Gallery, in 1997 he was awarded with Medal of Honor – “Movses Horenatsi”. From 2004 he works in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral as culture adviser and director of “Khrimian Hairik” museum.

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