I do not know when the artist was born in me. Probably back in the days when I listened to my parents’ tales about our mountainous, fairy homeland and took delight in the many colors of flowers, butterflies and bees. Color, light, dream - that's what got me carried away. Since childhood I loved Armenia - my homeland. I'm convinced there have been no artist without homeland.
Heartland is in a Man. All goes from a heart, all starts in a heart. What am I doing right now? What else I can do, I am working. While working I do not think. Whatever I draw, the outcome is always Armenia. Our mountains, our gorges, our people, our light, our Ararat.
Working process is self-forgetfulness. All of a sudden you seem to be getting somewhere. Suddenly you see little part of your own looking at yourself. And that makes you somehow happy.
                                                                                                               MARTIROS SARIAN
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Fairy Tale. 1971

In 1969, an expression of a new, cosmic vision of the world could be observed in Sarian's paintings (a response to the first flights to space). The stylistics of his works modified. ‘The Earth’ and ‘Fairy Tale’ convey the perception of the infinity of the Universe.

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